Rua Joaquim Rodrigues Granada 3, Condomínio Muralha
Edif. 2, 1º andar, porta Z
Sítio da Nazaré
2450-503 Nazaré

Enter through : Rua Reitor Luís Nesi (use this address when using your GPS, since the actual address can't be found yet on currently existing maps).
The address on the google map on the right is the street that connects to the appartment by a footpath.


The apartment is located in a quiet area in the center of Sítio da Nazaré, the upper and oldest part of the city. This is the most tranquil part of the city. Here you can find small shops, the market square, a daily market, a viewpoint over both the city and the ocean, two beaches, a tourist service, the 'Nazaré Funicular' (elevator to the lower part of the city) and even a medical center, all at a walking distance (max 10min) from the apartment.

From the viewpoint located at the market square you have a breathtaking view over the Atlantic Ocean, the coast and downtown. The beach is located 110 meter below, where it's possible to rent a beach tent and/or a sun lounger with parasol during summer. Along the large avenue you can find lots of small shops and great (fish) restaurants. Behind the avenue you can find many narrow streets and some small squares scattered around.

Nazaré has one of the oldest fishing traditions of Portugal. You can often see the locals grilling sardines straight from the sea, a well known delicacy from Portugal. The fishermen's wives sell the dried fish or dried fruits and nuts. You can recognize them by their traditional clothing style : they wear no less then 7 skirts over each other. After the passing of their husband, these skirts are black.


Airport of Lisbon : 1 hour, A8 'Autoestrada do Oeste', the highway to the west. Nazaré is located near the highway.

Airport of Porto : 2 hours.